Light at Sensorio, Paso Robles by Heidi Eliason

I’m three weeks past shoulder surgery and I’m pleased with my progress. I’m only taking ibuprofen occasionally as needed, and I can sleep lying down now. It’s slowly getting better. I start physical therapy in another three weeks.

Like many others, I’m busy with holiday preparations. This is trickier this year because my left arm is still in a sling and I’m forbidden to use it. Cooking and baking holiday goodies, wrapping gifts, and decorating are a challenge. Every task takes longer for me to complete and I have to rely on my sweet, helpful, hubby Dan to help me with tasks requiring two arms. Last night we partnered up to make one of my holiday favorites, double decker fudge. We’ll make lasagna on Christmas Eve—my family’s tradition—and have our moms over for my traditional Christmas brunch: baked French toast, ham, an egg dish, and fruit salad. There will lots of leftovers!

It will be a small gathering this year with other family either out of state or out of the country, but that feels appropriate with the omicron variant spreading like wildfire. We’ve all had our boosters and we’re grateful to have our moms with us. Speaking of gratitude, we’ve been getting more rain in Northern California, which is badly needed after years of drought and horrifying wildfires.

The down time I’ve had from my shoulder surgery has given me more time to write (one-handed, slowly), and I plan to publish my second book in 2022. This little nonfiction book wasn’t planned, but rather pushed its way into my consciousness during an especially sleepless night. I had to take a break from the novel I’ve been working on to get it out of my head. It felt important. I couldn’t get back to sleep until I had written for a couple of hours. I’m excited about it, but more on that later.

I have so many things to be grateful for, in spite of the losses many of us have experienced. I hope you will have time this holiday season to reflect on the things that are really important. Hint: they don’t come gift-wrapped.

Happy Holidays to all. I’m so grateful that we have connected. I hope this holiday is meaningful to you, and that the new year is filled with good things.

6 thoughts on “One-Armed Christmas Preparations and My Next Book

  1. I am so glad to hear you are recovering and working on a new book. I know how challenging it must be to be incapacitated and rely on Dan’s help for everything. But it keeps getting easier bit by bit. Have a wonderful Christmas week.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your shoulder surgery…unfortunate timing. Kudos to you for your continued writing projects! I look forward to your next book. Happy Holidays!

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