Bodie and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I got my people to take me to Baker Beach in San Francisco today to celebrate New Year’s Day. It’s not always easy to transfer my ideas into their heads telepathically—they have a lot of nonsense occupying their brain space—but I managed to get this one to register. Mom thinks it was her idea, but we know who has the brains in this operation.

It was a clear, sunny day with no wind, and those days can be hard to come by in San Francisco. Boy was it interesting! There were people in bathing suits. In. The. Water. In the middle of winter!

Pacific Swimmers

There was a sailboat with pelicans and other birds I would have chased if they weren’t in the water (I don’t do water).


We even saw a naked guy on the beach. It was 47 degrees, so he must have REALLY wanted to be naked. Don’t worry, there’s no photo of that.

We had a picnic lunch and there was a raven on the nearby trash can who had eyes on our lunch. I wanted to chase him so bad I could taste feathers, but I was tied to the table. Humans sure know how to spoil the fun.

Raven at Baker Beach Picnic Area

I’ll leave you with some nice views of the beach. Happy New Year!

Baker Beach South View
Baker Beach North View

7 thoughts on “Bodie’s Adventures in 2022: January 1st – Golden Gate Bridge and Baker Beach

  1. I love Baker Beach! Used to go there all the time when I was in college at SF State University. I had friends who lived right near there and we used to go together all the time. Been years since I’ve been … time to go back. Great posting, Heidi!

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