I was recently invited to be interviewed by Canadian Nina Clapperton for her podcast, Tripping Up. Nina interviews travel authors about the times when their trips didn’t go exactly as planned. It’s a comedy show where she interviews some pretty amazing people who have done some really interesting adventures, like Mt. Everest and around-the-world sailing. Nina herself has traveled extensively on her own. I was thrilled to be included in a fun series among such lofty company. Nina also has a blog called Nina Out and About with helpful solo travel tips.

You can listen to my interview on Acast here: https://shows.acast.com/tripping-up/episodes/episode-9-heidi-eliason or any of the other Tripping Up guest interviews here. I hope you enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “My Tripping Up Author Podcast Interview

  1. I loved hearing about hunting for sharks teeth! And about the bioluminescence! How exciting!
    Great interview, Heidi and a wonderful summary of your excellent book! I kept waiting to hear the part about Mr. Right Now, lol, but I guess Nina wanted to talk more about travel. I’m still so impressed that you setup and drove The Green Monster snd towed a vehicle all by yourself. Amazing woman!! Yay, Heidi!😊😎😊

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    1. Thanks for the kind comments, Rose! Tripping Up is a fun podcast, and I would love to hear you interviewed there about your Trip Tales book. I think it would fit perfectly with the format.


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