Back Cover Blurb

  When publishing a book, careful thought must be put into the back cover blurb. That's the marketing copy that will make people want to read your book. For eBooks there is no back cover so the blurb will be the description that is posted online to entice readers, but for printed paperback books, the … Continue reading Back Cover Blurb

My 100 word story

This story was written by a member of my writing group.

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My First Solo

Clunk-clunk click my heels as I step towards the white void. Thump-thump beats my heart slamming in my chest. A four-point-five tremor shakes my fingers as one hand grips the stand, the other slipping down the shaft of the microphone.

A mix of denim and bare legs wait, a blaring silence hushing the faceless bodies.

A single strum of the piano keys fills the auditorium, then another long strum, and finally, the violin joins in. I count down from three, open my mouth, and pray my voice doesn’t crack on my first note.

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Revision Sprint

Work, commute, family responsibilities, exercise, chores, errands--oh, and don't forget having fun and maintaining relationships and friends. When do I find time to write? I've been struggling with this for a long time. Usually I end up squeezing in little bits of writing in the evenings and on the weekend, in between other things, and … Continue reading Revision Sprint

How Many Drafts?

Many new writers ask, "How many drafts does it take to write a good book that is ready for publication?" The frustrating answer is, "As many drafts as it takes to write a good book ready for publication." Some writers can create beautiful, publication-ready prose right out of the gate that only requires minor tweaking … Continue reading How Many Drafts?