Launch Art

I’m getting ready for blast-off! My book has been proofread and the last few errors (I hope) are being tidied up. Soon I’ll set up a pre-order campaign, when I’ll be offering a free bonus gift to everyone who pre-orders my book: a collection of photos that illustrate the journey I write about in Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway: An RV Travel Adventure.

I’ll be busy the next month or two putting all of the book launch pieces into place including:

  • Uploading the book files to Amazon, Ingram Spark, and Smashwords.
  • Taking care of the business end of things like getting a business license, credit card reader, and resale certificate.
  • Writing a press release.
  • Planning a launch party and marketing campaign.

I’ll also be sending my book off to reviewers and, in fact, sent off my first review copy to a book reviewer for Escapees magazine. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s positive.

28 thoughts on “Preparing for Book Launch

  1. What an accomplishment! This is a very exciting time, indeed. I am really looking forward to your pre-order campaign and launch party. I know it’ll be a great celebration of your wonderful book! Yippee!!!

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  2. Very proud of you Heidi and very excited for the launch party and everything else! It’s been a long journey and I look forward to your dream coming true. I also like the bonuses! My thoughts and prayers are with you [:)

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