Let’s see, sit down at my laptop and work on my book/marketing/website/other writing task, or play with Bodie? I think I have a new definition for writer’s block, and his name is Bodie. Sometimes I would much rather toss a ball or go for a walk with Bodie than put my butt in the chair and work on my writing business.

We adopted Bodie from Northern California Border Collie Rescue back in August, and it has been non-stop action ever since. He is a sweet, smart, good-natured, but very energetic guy who is 15 months old, which means he is still very much a puppy. He wants to play or be petted pretty much all of the time, which can easily distract me from what needs to be done with my writing business. Well, we all need to have a little distraction, right?

What’s your writer’s block?

5 thoughts on “Is This What Writer’s Block Looks Like?

  1. Well, I have to say I burst out laughing when I saw that picture of Bodie beneath your title, “Is this What Writer’s Block Looks Like?” Robert heard me laughing and came in my office. When I showed him the picture, he broke into a huge grin. Now, you have to remember that Robert is afraid of dogs – but he thought Bodie was really cute. And, of course, I think Bodie is absolutely, totally and unequivocally adorable. Your picture of him is so true to form, with that straightforward look of innocent expectation.

    So, to answer your first question, yes, that’s exactly what writer’s block looks like – because who in the world would not be distracted by that?

    And to answer your second question, “What’s your writer’s block?” Well, sadly, it’s something in the refrigerator calling my name.

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  2. Hi Heidi, This was a great blog!  I made a comment, but wanted to tell you personally that it was a really cute posting.  And Bodie is a total charmer! Love,NancyP.S.  Is it my turn to come fetch you?


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