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Hey Everyone, the eBook version of my book is now available for pre-order! The book won’t be published and delivered until May 4th, but if you pre-order it now, you will receive a free bonus. Email me (HeidiLEliason at your order confirmation number and  I will send you companion photos taken during my travels that go along with each chapter in the book–more than 40 photos! Not only will you get a free bonus, but you’ll be helping me place higher in the sales rankings, since all pre-order sales will count toward May 4th sales.

The print version is not available for pre-order yet because of an issue with the printer, but it should be coming soon. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

You can pre-order the eBook at any of the following links:

Amazon eBook

Barnes and Noble eBook

Apple iBooks

Kobo eBook

Please share with your friends, and thanks for your support!

14 thoughts on “eBook Ready for Pre-Order!

  1. This is wonderful news! Congratulations, Heidi! The book is, in itself, a thing to treasure, but the bonus pictures are the cherry on top! I’m going to order your book right now! Again, warmest congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing your book in print too. Yippee!

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    1. I got my pre order in, too! It was easy to do, and now I have the book on my iPad so I can take it with me on our trip to Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon. This is the best way to travel with reading material. No more heavy books to drag around. I can hardly wait to see the pictures! :o)

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      1. Steve, you can also get the free Kindle app if you want to read it on your computer, tablet, or phone. There is a link for it on the Amazon ordering page.


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