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The pandemic has affected all of us, but in different ways. Besides the trauma, stress, and sadness of losing loved ones, jobs, or income or the dangers of working on the front lines, there were other aspects of the virus fallout that affected us.

Some extroverts suffered from the lack of social interaction, while other introverts thrived with more time at home. Many complained about gaining the “Covid 19”—meaning they gained weight—because their exercise, eating, and socializing routines were disrupted or they succumbed to stress eating. Others lost weight because they had more time for exercise, ate out less, socialized less, and had more time for planning and preparing meals.

I was fortunate to fall into the latter group, but have friends who really struggled with their new reality during the shutdown. I lost several loved ones during this time, but not from the coronavirus. My heart goes out to those that did, especially if they were unable to be with them at the end.

Those of us with wanderlust have felt the pinch of the restrictions by being grounded from international travel. When my husband, Dan, and I got our vaccinations and things started opening up, we felt ready to travel again. Since we haven’t been able to travel to other countries yet, we planned a couple of domestic trips to keep the stir crazy at bay.

Last month we flew to Hawaii’s Big Island for a visit with my sister and brother-in-law. Julie and Bob live an hour north of Kona with a beautiful ocean view. Since I’m the only family member in California to help my elderly mother who has health issues, doesn’t drive, and needs help with shopping and doctor appointments, my brother kindly came from Minnesota to stay with her so we could take this long-planned trip.

To avoid quarantining, Hawaii required a negative Covid test shortly before arriving, so we followed all the rules, got our tests, and completed all of the required documentation. We wore our masks on the plane, in the airport and other public spaces. We used common sense.

It was soooo good to travel again! This was the sunset we experienced on Julie and Bob’s lanai our very first evening, and this photo was not Photoshopped or altered in any way.

Hawaii Sunset ©Heidi Eliason

Wowzers, right? Welcome to Hawaii!

It was fun having Julie and Bob for playmates, and we made the most of our time there. Here’s a few highlights.

We hiked the Pololū Trail near Kapaau down to the beach, then went up to the top of the hill you see on the far side. We had done this hike before, except we never made it to the top of the hill on the far side. It was well worth the effort.

Pololū Hike ©Heidi Eliason

Great view from the top but very windy!

Top of Pololū Hike ©Heidi Eliason

From this spot you can also see the back side of the Waipio Valley.

Looking Toward the Backside of Waipio Valley ©Heidi Eliason

On another day we visited the Waipio Valley, which we explored by van tour since it’s a very steep and narrow, winding road with multiple river crossings.

Waipio Valley Waterfall ©Heidi Eliason

Waipio Valley River Crossing ©Heidi Eliason

We even saw some wild horses wandering around.

Wild Horses ©Heidi Eliason

I’ll share some more highlights in another post. I hope you’re soon able to get out and travel again, if you haven’t already.

5 thoughts on “Back in the Travel Saddle – Hawaii

  1. Hello Heide and Dan,

    Thank you for sharing your travels. We, unlike many others during the pandemic, had our daughter and family living with us, so did not suffer the isolation that many did. We also took a few trips during that time (three weeks in southeastern Utah and four days after the election in the area near Graeagle), which was extra special because few people were traveling during that time. One of the few benefits of Covid. Keep on writing. I love hearing from you.

    Linda Robbins


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous photos, Heidi! I haven’t been more than 30 minutes from my house since the pandemic began, so I am living vicariously through your post and photos. Thanks so much.

    It sounds like your escape in paradise was most deserved. A great gift from your brother, too, helping your mom while you and Dan were away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks so much. It was so good to “get out of Dodge” again. I’m going to pop over to your blog to check out what you’ve been up to lately. I hope all is well!


  3. I am glad to see that you are back in the writing saddle again! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.


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