6 thoughts on “Why We Travel

  1. That’s a great quote, but I also agree with what you said about traveling to escape life — except that I also see traveling as a way to escape to another kind of life. That’s what it feels like for me. When I travel, I feel free and unencumbered. I feel more open, more tolerant and accepting, more adventurous – and braver, too. It’s a different way of life, and a different kind of life for me.

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  2. Great post and question.

    Well, I do not know why other people travel, but we travel to get experiences, which we can remember then when we are old. We travel to better understand other cultures and people, to enjoy beautiful art, to see other people’s traditional things like national costumes. We travel to find unique things in our world. We travel to brush up our language skills, to enjoy other rhythms of music than those, which we hear in our own countries. We travel that we can understand better our own life, when comparing it to with other’s and to be grateful about what we have. We travel to know more about history and thus better understand why we are such as we are now. Knowing history, man knows his own life.

    Three examples of those things which I mentioned. First national costumes:

    Airing national costumes1

    Second, unique things which exists in our world:

    Statues of Paupers1

    Here is example of music, which is not played in my country, but in South and Central America:

    Example of Cumbia music

    Have a wonderful day!

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  3. I travel to learn about wildlife, nature, and different cultures. I travel to have experiences that I would never have at home. I travel to open my eyes to things that I am not familiar with. I also travel to escape..

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