Motorcycle Street Performer in Madrid - Edited

Street Performer in Madrid, Spain

I really like this post from Kim McKinney of In the Box, Out of the Box about the differences you see when you travel. That’s one of the things I love about travel: the way it opens you up to new experiences, new sights, different food, architecture, and ways of being and doing things.

One thing I really enjoy when I travel, other than the things I just listed, are the different street performers, some of which are so creative. I’ve included here some of my favorites from my trip to Spain.


Puppeteer in Madrid, Spain

Alien in Barcelona

Alien in Barcelona, Spain

What differences have you enjoyed when you travel?

4 thoughts on “Travel to See the Differences

  1. I really like Kim McKinney’s post – and I agree wholeheartedly that the differences are to be appreciated and enjoyed. And of course, I love your pictures! The buskers in Barcelona are amazing – but I get a kick out of buskers wherever we go. It’s really fun when they’re interactive. I had “tea” with a busker in Guanajuato. And I see Bob was nearly eaten by an alien! Travel really does open us to new things – and also opens us up to ourselves. There’s nothing like it!

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