Financial Stability Meme

There’s always a way. If you think you can’t afford a vacation, get creative. I sold my house to finance my motorhome travels. Work overtime, get a second job, sell stuff you don’t need, give up Starbucks–whatever will put a few extra dollars in your bank account. Then just go.

2 thoughts on “Vacation–What Does Financial Stability Have to Do With it?

  1. Oh wow – I love this picture! I laughed out loud when I saw it! And I love your advice – “just go”. Sounds good to me! While it’s good to plan for the future, it’s also very important to plan for the present, too. I hope your readers really think about this and find a way to enhance their lives with a vacation, a trip, a getaway – or a runaway.

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    1. I think many of us are so busy planning for the future that we forget to enjoy the present. I’ve certainly been caught in that trap. Fortunately, I was able to break free for awhile, and it has made all the difference. 🙂


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