Have you ever felt fed up with running the hamster wheel and just wanted to escape, maybe hit the road for a while? I did. At the age of 45 I wasn’t ready for retirement, but I was tired of commuting to my dead-end job in the expensive and crowded San Francisco Bay Area. I needed to shake things up and chase a little adventure. I yearned for freedom. So I sold my house, quit my job, bought a motorhome, and hit the road with Rylie, my four-legged sidekick. It was a journey that transformed my life.

I’ll be posting some of the photos from that journey that led to my book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway: An RV Travel Adventure.

8 thoughts on “Escaping the Hamster Wheel

  1. Yes, I can totally relate to the “hamster wheel” feeling! I came across your post on the “Meet and Greet” page, https://wp.me/p4psia-4jJ . I’m not super active in the blogging world, but thought I’d say hi because my experience was similar: I’m from the Bay Area, was in my mid-40’s, living in SF, had experienced some setbacks, and although my life there was fine I definitely felt stuck.. In my case, I decided to move (exile myself?) to Siberia and have been here in the world’s coldest city for 5 years now. Congrats on your book! -Donna, siberiastories.wordpress.com

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