My book won’t be released until May 4th and is only available for pre-order, so imagine my surprise when I went to my book page on Amazon and saw this:

No 1 New Release in Literary Travel

My book was #1 New Release in Literary Travel. I got all excited, until I clicked on the link for new releases in Literary Travel and saw there were only seven new releases. Hahaha!

That knocked me down a peg or two. Then I checked to see how many pre-orders there are and saw there really aren’t that many. How Amazon figures their rankings is a mystery to me. I went from #10 in overall Literary Travel to #35 in a couple of days. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’m told these rankings change from hour to hour, so I won’t get too hung up on them.

The good news is that both the print and eBook are available for pre-order on Amazon now that I got everything set up correctly. Don’t forget to email me for the free photo bonus if you pre-order.

12 thoughts on “Amazon, You Really Got Me Going

  1. John pre-ordered for the kindle. May we please have pictures? You are such a tease.

    I am so bummed I cannot make your book signing. I feel horrible. I think I already told you that Brit arrives that weekend. Only here for a week.

    I will call you soon. Miss you much.


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  2. Whether there are seven new releases or two – or a thousand, you’re still Number 1 for new releases! Congratulations! And yes, you’ve dropped in overall Literary Travel, but I think 35 is fantastic. Yeah, who knows how they arrive at these statistics – but it’s still very cool! As Sherri said, it’s a roller coaster, so make sure you’re screaming a lot and holding your hands in the air. Hang in there, and have fun!

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