While working on my book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway, I have been reliving the five years I spent traveling in my motorhome. Some of my favorite memories from that time are of camping on El Coyote Beach on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez. The photo above was the view from my motorhome window. Lucky me! You’ll be hearing more about that beautiful spot in future posts.

I have been learning that writing a book and getting it published is a huge undertaking! It’s not as easy as it used to be, because whether the writer gets a traditional publisher or goes the self-publishing route, they still have to do their own marketing. I learned this from Jane Friedman in her lecture series through The Great Courses, “How to Get Your Book Published.” There’s a lot of helpful information in this course and I recommend it for others like me that are new to this business.

With all of the social media and content on the internet these days, writers need to have websites, blogs, and be visible on social media in order to attract the interest of an agent or publisher. If the writer decides to self-publish, they need to do all of that in order to sell books.

But that’s not all. Writers need to have a marketing plan that includes activities that will bring attention to them and their book. That can include anything from newsletters to You Tube videos, to podcasts and speaking engagements. It’s a lot of work! I didn’t realize that writing the book was going to be the easy part.

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