I did it! After much hair-pulling, groaning, and gnashing of teeth, I managed to revise my editing website. As you can probably guess, website development is not my forte. It doesn’t come easily to me, even with the “so simple!” WordPress templates touted by others. Despite this, I created two websites with my limited skills, this one and my editing website.

The revised site has my new company logo, created with the help of a graphic artist I hired on, and I switched to a different theme with new templates. It’s a simple website, but I think it’s a vast improvement over my old website.

I would have preferred to hire a professional website developer to do this work for me, but the budget is complaining lately, so I decided I had to take it on myself. I ran into some problems and it took several days of tinkering to overcome them. For example, why did the exact same steps to add my social media button links produce error messages one day, but then magically work the next? Why did the links to my blog posts disappear and then suddenly reappear days later when I made a totally unrelated change? It’s a mystery.

The sense of accomplishment I’m feeling is like winning a hurdle race. A very slow, days-long race. If you get a chance, check out and let me know what you think. If you have suggestions for improvements, I may or may not be able to implement them, but I appreciate your feedback!

After I recover from this effort, I might tackle next. Yikes, what am I saying?!

16 thoughts on “New Editing Website

  1. Great job on the Runaway Publishing website, Heidi! Kudos to you! Thanks for showing my book there, so honored!

    I’m so impressed that you know how to design your own website. I took one look at WordPress last year and said “No way would I even have the slightest clue on how to do this.” You are amazing.

    I sent some gift tin coffee mugs (not ones with my logo: ones with a sweet camping theme) to the guys at Happy Camper Radio. They are so pleased they are showcasing them on their next episode, lol. Two sweet guys from Georgia. If you are ever feeling down just tune into their podcast and you will find yourself smiling. It’s my tonic for when I need to find my smile.

    Love, Rose 916-201-1763


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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Rose! I was honored to edit your book, and am happy to promote it. It’s a great book. I’ve listened to both of your interesting interviews on Happy Camper Radio, and will check out some of the other podcasts as well. It’s always good to know another smile resource.


    1. I know, right? “Semi-retired” feels more like fulltime work, except for my guilty pleasure of laying in bed in the morning reading the news on my phone. Soon you will be living the retired life! You must be excited. I was going to call you last night but realized it was too late. I’ll try again in the next few days.


  2. Nice job on the website Heidi! Easy to use and understand. Two of the things I look for in a website! You are a great example of what never giving up on your dreams looks like. Thanks for taking your friends along for the ride. Congratulations on all of your success. May there be much, much more ahead.

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