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For those of you who enjoyed reading about my RV travel adventures, I have a great website recommendation for you. Tinytrailertrips.com recently came to my attention when I was contacted by Justin Chimienti, half of the dynamic duo (triplet if you count Sato, the dog) currently traveling the country in their Airstream trailer. Justin read my book, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway, and was struck by the many parallels in our journeys. After reading the story of their beginning, it sounds like Kandace was bitten by the same adventure bug I was when I embarked on my RV travel adventures. They’re documenting their travels on their awesome website and blog, and plan to write a book about their experience.

I was honored and thrilled when Justin posted this great review of my book on their blog. We plan to meet up when they are back in the Bay Area to talk travel adventures and writing. Can’t wait to meet this interesting couple!

They’ve done an excellent job with their website. There are interesting blog posts that include all of the important details, a cool map showing the places they’ve visited, the equipment they use, and even have some yummy-sounding recipes. Kandace is a voracious reader, and will soon be posting her list of books. Since I’m also a bibliomaniac, I’m looking forward to that.

Looking at their site has given me website envy—they did such an incredible job. If you’re interested in RV adventures, escaping the hamster wheel, or travel in general, check out Tinytrailertrips.com. It’s my new favorite website, and reading their posts has brought back fond memories of my own travels. Check it out and let us know you did by dropping a comment!

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  1. I took a look at Kandace and Justin’s website and some of their blog posts. I admire their sense of adventure and their fearlessness of quitting their businesses and embarking on a trip across the U.S. They are an inspiration to many people who would love to do the same thing.

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