Bodie on Hike

Bodie on Fernandez Ranch Hike

Maybe you’re feeling stuck or like you desperately need a change of scenery, but you’re not able to take off for an extended period. You might have family responsibilities, whether it’s children, parents or other family members that need your help. It might be impossible to break away from the job or something else tying you down. What do you do to keep yourself from going insane?

The easiest thing to do if you are able is to take a hike. If you have a dog, you better take it with you. Better yet, take my dog–Bodie loves hiking! There’s something about the fresh air and getting out in nature that is so calming and yet invigorating at the same time. Just the ticket for that caged, stuck feeling.

If you live in a climate with snow, maybe hiking isn’t feasible. How about snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or sledding? Apparently, as you can see in the video below, dogs like sledding, too!


8 thoughts on “Things to Do When the Urge to Run Away Hits

  1. OMG! That picture of Bodie at Fernandez Ranch is beautiful. And the video of the Border Collie sliding down the snowy slope is really amazing. He sure was having fun! And he looks a lot like Bodie, too!
    I agree completely that it’s really true we can be refreshed and renewed by being in nature. As you said, it’s calming and invigorating. It’d be good for my soul – if I had one! ;o) But seriously, how lucky we are to have so many beautiful place nearby for hiking.
    Thanks for another great post!

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    1. Thanks, Nancy! It always makes me feel happy to watch Bodie having so much fun. You’re right, we are lucky to live in a place without snow where we can hike pretty much year-round and enjoy green hills.


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