Today I was reminded once again of the many ways I have benefited from becoming a member of a writing club.

Art Embraces Words snip

I was selected as an alternate reader at the Art Embraces Words event at the Lafayette Library. I’m told there is a good chance I’ll get to read an excerpt from my book, which is a great promotional event. (Details above.)

I’m also thrilled to be part of another promotional event, an author panel at Flashlight Books in Walnut Creek called “So You Want to Write a Book…” (Details below.)

Flashlight Books snip

Both of these opportunities came to me because of my membership in the California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Chapter. These promotional events are part of the many benefits of membership in a writing club.

Besides book promotion opportunities, I have collected buckets of information and helpful tips from attending the monthly meetings and workshops. I’ve heard many experienced and talented speakers talk about a kaleidoscope of topics of interest to writers including storytelling, writing compelling characters, marketing, and everything in between.

Not only that, but I found a critique group to help me get my book ready for publishing, found editing and publishing help, and met a lot of fun and interesting people willing to share their experiences.

Membership in this writing club has helped me to grow and polish my writing and marketing skills and gave me the necessary nudge to introduce my book to the world. Writing clubs are all over the country and virtual, and you can find them on or through a Google search for one in your area. Give it a try, you might be very happy you did. I know I am.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Writing Club Memberships

  1. Wow – what an honor! Congratulations on your selection for Art Embraces Words. This is wonderful, Heidi. I’m so delighted our communities have these kinds of events. As technology advances, it seems people are reading fewer books. Thanks to you and other authors, we are getting more wonderful things to read that actually nourish our minds and give us new perspectives. Of course writers groups like the CWC are very important in nurturing, encouraging and promoting authors. So glad you’re a member! And of course I plan to be at your events on Sunday, and at your book panel on the 20th.

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