Press Release Snip

I’m not sure if it matters a whole lot for indie authors to do a press release when their book is launched, but I did one anyway. Maybe it will lead to some website traffic, at the very least.

After doing some research on some of the press release distribution companies and finding out how expensive some of them are (yikes!), I decided on PRLog. They have a number of different options, including the basic one for free, but it doesn’t have much distribution. I went for a slight upgrade with the premium version for a small fee, but more distribution.

The idea is to make your press release newsworthy, so I tied it to the high cost of living, congestion, and hectic pace of the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll see how it pans out.

You can find the entire press release here.



8 thoughts on “Press Release–Does it Matter?

  1. After all the thought, effort, and hard work you’ve put into writing and publishing your book, it makes sense to do everything you can to get the word out there about it – and a press release sounds like one really good way to do that. Your press release is relatable for sure. You did a great job! I hope it nets you publicity, lots of attention, and many more sales! You go, girl!

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