Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway 004 M

When publishing a book, careful thought must be put into the back cover blurb. That’s the marketing copy that will make people want to read your book. For eBooks there is no back cover so the blurb will be the description that is posted online to entice readers, but for printed paperback books, the back cover blurb is important. Whenever I pick up a book in a bookstore that I’m considering buying, I immediately turn it over and read the back cover blurb. I’m providing my back cover blurb below.

“Have you ever felt suffocated by your routine and responsibilities or just longed for some adventure? Heidi Eliason did, so at the age of 45 she quit her job, sold her house, bought a motorhome, and embarked on a five-year road trip with her dog, Rylie. It was a journey that transformed her life.

Through the challenges of managing the Green Monster—her motorhome—traveling in Mexico, and getting derailed by Mr. Wrong, she learned—sometimes the hard way—that chasing the corporate ladder and storybook romance was not always a sure route to happiness. She struggled with insecurities, faced her fears, and dug her way out of depression.

At a time when the American Dream is uncertain for so many, more people are turning to alternative lifestyles such as the van life movement and fulltime RV travel. Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway may help others to find the courage to jump off the hamster wheel of the conventional Dream and make a transformative journey of their own.”

Let me know if you think this will encourage someone to read my book when it’s published. Thanks, I always appreciate your input!

14 thoughts on “Back Cover Blurb

  1. Another job well done. I think it’s perfect and makes me want to read the book again just in case I missed something. John said he wants to read your book and was interested in reading about Mr. Wrong.

    So happy and excited for you. Almost there…

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  2. Thanks, Dee! Your input has been sooooo helpful to me. I’m grateful you took the time to read it, and I’m extra happy that John wants to read it too. Since I figure my readers will be mostly women, I’ll be interested in his feedback too.


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