Barbed wire fence

Writers, have you ever tried writing a 100-word story? A member of my writers group recently challenged us to write a 100-word story, so I gave it a try. It’s hard! Every word is so precious, I regretted the loss of each one I lopped off.

I was inspired to write this story recently when I was feeling upset about the direction our country has been taking. Here is my story, exactly 100 words. I welcome your thoughts and stories.

The Good Guy

When Don’s breathing returned to normal, he was still gripping the poised bat. He looked down at the enemy sprawled in the dirt, one shoeless foot tangled in a mesquite bush. Blood matted black hair, obliterated brown skin.

“MS-13 member or a rapist,” Don said to himself. “Probably both.”

Skidding tires spit gravel behind him, the glare of floodlights transforming the dusk to a bright stage. Don turned to face a police car in a swirling haze of dust, a gun pointed at his chest.

“Freeze!” yelled the cop.

“It’s okay,” Don said. “I’m the good guy.”

17 thoughts on “100-Word Story Challenge

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s a really great story! After reading it, I understood exactly why each word is so precious; 100 words isn’t much at all to work with. But with those few words, you painted such a vibrant scene. I could see the body, and that swirling haze of dust. Fantastic!

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  2. I like your story. Very appropriate for today”s ‘times. When I lived in San Luis Obispo County the local newspaper would have a ” 55 word fiction” contest every year. You had to write a complete story in 55 words. That was a real challenge! I did it once.

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  3. Nice job. 100 words of ethernet ink is quickly spent. This story has an O. Henry-ish ending to it. I’ve always enjoyed stories with an unexpected twist ending,

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